GAPS Made Simple breaks it down into logical, easy to follow steps. Created by a Certified GAPS Practitioner (who also healed herself with the GAPS diet), this online course will get you the results you need, without the stress and confusion you don't.

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The GAPS protocol can reverse some of today's most chronic health conditions. The catch? You need to do it exactly right...

If you try to do GAPS by just working from the book, or reading blogs written by people who are not trained healthcare professionals, you run the risk of mistakes.

Mistakes that can waste your time, money, and energy.

Mistakes that can stall your progress, or actually even make you sicker!

The GAPS protocol is powerful and effective, but trying to figure it all out on your own while you’re still sick (or caring for someone who is) is a bit like trying to fix your car while you’re driving it. Not such a great idea!

Wouldn’t it be great, instead, to have an experienced GAPS diet specialist guiding you through the whole confusing mess?

How much weight would be lifted off your shoulders knowing that you, or your child, are finally on the road to TRUE healing? And knowing that to get there, to heal for good, all you need to do is follow the next simple step…  

I’m Sally Crewe. I’m a Certified GAPS Practitioner and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. I received my advanced GAPS training in-person from Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride, creator of the GAPS protocol. I’ve also healed my own longterm chronic illness with GAPS, so I know exactly what you’re going through… 

I also know that fully healing from a serious health condition can take months, sometimes even years. But the problem is, most people can’t afford to hire a GAPS Practitioner to help them out for more than an appointment or two, (if at all). They’re stuck searching for answers on Google, asking advice from strangers on Facebook, or just muddling through the best they can on their own.

I want to fix that problem.

In my years as a GAPS Practitioner, 
I’ve helped people recover from all kinds of autoimmune, digestive, psychological, and sensory perception issues. I’ve witnessed whole families take charge of their health and get their lives back. 
And I want that experience for as many people as possible.

That’s why I created GAPS Made Simple.

‘GAPS Made Simple’ transforms this complicated, overwhelming protocol into an easy to follow, reliable system. It guides you through GAPS from start to finish, one step at a time, and makes it all seem…. well, simple.  

Delivered over 12 modules, this program is set up for your real-world success. You won’t be overwhelmed with information because, although you’re getting a ton of valuable content, you’re given just the exact next steps you need for the very next part of your journey.

The first 4 modules are delivered instantly, so you can get started right away. These modules set you up to get the most out of your time on GAPS.

Module 1 - delivered instantly
Module 2 - delivered instantly
Module 3 - delivered instantly
Module 4 - delivered instantly

After that groundwork is laid, modules 5-12 are released at weekly intervals, allowing you to work through the rest of the program at your own pace, going only as quickly as your body needs.

Enrollment includes lifetime access to the content (including any future updates), so there’s no need to feel rushed, and no worrying about racking up additional expenses every time you have a question.

If you have questions that aren’t answered in the course, post in our private Facebook group, which is reserved just for people doing this course. I check in daily to answer questions, so you’re supported throughout your entire GAPS journey, however long it takes.

This is a completely new way to do GAPS.

It’s a way that removes all the uncertainty, confusion, overwhelm and stress, leaving you free to focus on the most important part: healing, for good.

If you know you need to do GAPS, why not make it simple?

GAPS Made Simple is delivered over 12 modules:


In this first module, we lay the foundation for exceptional healing, as I guide you through the very same steps I take all my clients through before starting the actual GAPS diet.

These ‘Pre-GAPS’ steps prepare your body to get the most out of the GAPS protocol, while also dramatically reducing the chance and severity of those nasty ‘die-off’ reactions most people experience starting GAPS.

We’ll also learn how GAPS works, how this course works, and what to expect during your time on GAPS.


Time to get organized! By the end of this module, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable about diving into GAPS. We’ll demystify all the preparation (preparing yourself, your home, your kitchen, and others — including how to explain GAPS to small children… or big ones!)

There’s nothing more frustrating than doing a great job with GAPS at home only to find your child has been fed a non-GAPS food at school or at grandma’s house. So in this module, I provide a printable letter to give to teachers and caretakers, which explains the nutritional therapy your child is undergoing (aka why it’s so important they are not fed cupcakes right now!) This helps to keep accidental ‘cheats’ from happening when your child is in a situation where non-GAPS foods are around.


This is where things start feeling very real! We’re going to learn how to cook the main GAPS foods in the easiest and most economical way. This is real-world GAPS cooking. I pass on my tips and tricks that will slay the overwhelm (while also turning you into an incredible cook, or expanding your repertoire if you already are).


GAPS is more than just a diet, and in this module we learn all about detoxification and supplementation (which are just as important to healing as the food is). As always, you’ll get a specific, step-by-step game plan and printable tools, plus I’ll share some all-natural extras I’ve discovered that really help make GAPS more doable and less stressful.


Okay, now it’s really game time! By this point, the thought of actually starting GAPS Intro will not be nearly as overwhelming as it used to be. In fact, my guess is that you’ll be rearing to go!

In this module, we’ll create (and discuss how best to use) your ‘GAPS Made Simple’ binder, where your printable Daily Checklists and Tracking Sheets will live. You’ll also get my quick glance GAPS Intro Food Chart to stick on your fridge or keep close at hand, so that you’ll never be confused about which foods are and are not allowed on each of the 6 stages of GAPS Intro.


Module 6 gives you a printable Step-by-Step Food Introduction Guide for Stage 2. Simply follow along with the guide, and you’ll know exactly what to do every single day on Stage 2.


Similar in format to the previous module, this is all about Stage 3, and comes with a printable Step-by-Step Food Introduction Guide for Stage 3 that you simply follow along so that you know exactly what to do every single day.


Dive into Stage 4, armed with your printable Step-by-Step Food Introduction Guide for Stage 4. Once again, simply follow along with the guide, and you’ll know exactly what to do every single day on Stage 4.


You’re doing great!  This module delivers your printable Step-by-Step Food Introduction Guide for Stage 5. By now you know the drill: simply follow along with the guide, and you’ll know exactly what to do every single day on Stage 5.


The final stage of GAPS Intro!  In this module you get your Stage 6 printable Step-by-Step Food Introduction Guide. Simply follow along with the guide, and you’ll know exactly what to do every single day on Stage 6.


We’re nearly there!  This module gives you a printable Step-by-Step Food Introduction Guide for Full GAPS. Simply follow along with the guide, and you’ll know exactly how and when to introduce all the Full GAPS foods.
There’s also a Quick Glance Daily Checklist for Full GAPS, and we’ll discuss if, how, and when to introduce dairy, how long to stay on Full GAPS, and how to know when you’re healed!


In this module, I’ll show you how to safely and effectively transition off the GAPS diet, and I’ll share my top recommended post-GAPS ways of eating. We’ll discus how to maintain your health after GAPS, and we’ll also talk about when and how to revisit GAPS periodically for a health tune-up.

Limited time bonuses!

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    Private Facebook Support Group

    Enrollment gives you access to our members only GAPS Made Simple support group on Facebook, where myself and the other members are available to answer your questions.

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    Lifetime 20% Discount on Prescript-Assist® Probiotics

    As a GAPS Made Simple customer, you get a lifetime 20% discount on therapeutic strength Prescript-Assist® probiotics.

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    Lifetime 20% Discount on Green Pasture® Products

    As a GAPS Made Simple customer, you get a lifetime 20% discount on Green Pasture® products, including the GAPS recommended fermented cod liver oil/butter oil blend.

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    Online GAPS Protocol Tracker

    The GAPS Protocol Tracker helps you stay on track with your GAPS diet journey. Simply log in and enter details of all the food, drink, supplements, medication, detoxification and lifestyle choices you made that day, and the system will save your details and email a copy to you for your records.

    Should you hit a problem or have a question about what to do next, you can request that I review your entries. You can also upload photographs, which is very useful if there’s something (a rash, etc.) that you’d like me to look at.

Who is this course for?

You know you need to do GAPS, but you're overwhelmed, confused, or just don't have time to get everything organized

You've got a family member who you think would benefit from GAPS, and you want to learn how to help them

You're already doing GAPS, but you've hit a wall, or you're just not getting the results you'd hoped for

You're a health coach and would like to take your clients through the GAPS protocol, but you don't yet know enough about it

If you need to do GAPS, why not make it simple?

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Sounds great! But...how much does it cost?

I created this course so I could help more people experience the healing power of the GAPS protocol. That meant not only distilling my advanced training and real-world experience into a step-by-step system that gets results every time, but it also meant making it affordable.

It costs $300 an hour to work with me 1-1.  If you hired me in person to teach you everything that’s included in this course, we’d need a lot of appointments… probably about $4500 worth.

Now, considering the life-changing results at stake, $4500 to recover your health (and get your life back) is actually pretty good value! But it’s an amount that’s still out of reach for most people…

That’s why I’m making ‘GAPS Made Simple’ available for just $997. And with our convenient 2-pay option, you can enroll for just $497 today.

This course has to be the most affordable way to do GAPS, from start to finish, under the guidance of an experienced, Certified GAPS Practitioner.

Remember: You get lifetime access to the program (including any future updates), so even if you’re not planning to start GAPS right away, you can sign up now and jump into the training when the time’s right for you.

60 DAY Money-Back Guarantee RISK FREE!

I’m really excited about what we’ve created here!

In fact, I’m so confident you’ll experience great results by following this program that I’m offering a guarantee: if you do not see health improvements after following the program for 60 days, I’ll give you your money back.

So, there’s zero risk to you.

Click the green ‘SIGN UP’ button below, and let’s start your healing journey TODAY!

"It is just so wonderful and unbelievably helpful to have you on call like this to provide guidance in real time!!" - Gretchen Brown, CT

Pay over 12 months
12 payments

$97 a month for 12 months

Pay in full

Includes a 30 min. 1-1 call with Sally


See what others have to say:

It is just so wonderful and unbelievably helpful to have you on call like this to provide guidance in real time!! This is such an awesome idea you've had, Sally!

I feel like it's better than working conventionally with a Practitioner because we have you essentially on call 24/7...just about anyway....you always answer promptly. And there's no going through the office's defenses (i.e. Secretary) to get your question to the doctor. I'd say it's better by a whole lot!

I just want to say thank you for making it so easy to follow the GAPS protocol.

I have suffered with depression as long as I can remember - and it seemed for no good reason. I have much to be grateful for but in my depression I often struggled to get out of bed or see a purpose for living.

In just over a month since starting GAPS I have experienced a big change in my mental health. I feel happy and contented most of the time now - no words can describe how incredible that it is after years of misery. I had been avoiding social situations and found little pleasure in anything - I feel like I am getting my life back.

Sally has made all the difference in helping us to be successful on the GAPS diet and I cannot recommend her highly enough as a coach and sherpa for GAPS. She can make the difference between giving GAPS a try for a week and then giving up, or being successful and getting all the benefits you want out of the GAPS diet.

"I just want to say thank you for making it so easy to follow the GAPS protocol... I feel like I am getting my life back."

Pay over 12 months
12 payments

$97 a month for 12 months

Pay in full

Includes a 30 min. 1-1 call with Sally